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Please don’t feel that you need to clean your home before we do! But by taking a few minutes the night before your scheduled cleaning to tidy things up, your Cleaning Specialists can focus their energies on cleaning, which will maximize the cleanliness of your home.


Most customers give us the key to their home because they enjoy coming home to a clean house. If for some reason you elect not to give us a key and we do not have access to your home when we arrive, to be fair to your Cleaning Specialists, a $ 20 lock out fee may be charged.


Your Cleaning Specialists are only paid for the work they perform. To allow us enough time to adjust route schedules, we need a three-day advance notice of a non-emergency cancellation. Advanced notice enables us to schedule occasional customers into your temporarily vacated reserved time. Cancellations made with less than three working days’ notice are subject to a $20 cancellation fee. We do recognize that emergency or uncontrollable conditions may prevent advance notice, in which case the cancellation fee may be waived.


Additional cleaning services (i.e. refrigerator, oven, cupboards, etc.) are available upon request. These services must be scheduled in advance to ensure sufficient time is scheduled to complete this work. Charges for these additional services are usually assessed on an hourly basis.


Should your regularly scheduled cleaning fall on a major holiday, we will make every attempt to reschedule it for an alternate date. Please contact the office well in advance of holidays if you have a preference for an alternate cleaning date.


Most homeowners are unaware of their liability regarding the proper handling of taxes, workers’ compensation, and liability insurance for home-service workers. With QUALITY HOME CLEANING, there is no need to worry, because we take care of this for you!


We treat your home with the greatest of care. Should accidental breakage or damage occur, a note will be left to inform you and our office will be immediately notified of the incident. We will have the item repaired, or replaced if necessary. We cannot be responsible for damage resulting from loose table legs, pictures, or shelves improperly secured to the walls.


Our Cleaning Specialists will leave you a note informing you of any extra services performed during each cleaning, and any other important information. Please leave your payment on your kitchen table or countertop for the Cleaning Specialists to pick up at the time of your cleaning. You can also leave a note to your team next to the payment if you need to communicate with them. We also accept Visa, Mastercard and Discover.


We guarantee your satisfaction and provide quality service to meet your needs. In addition to our regularly scheduled quality checks, we will periodically maintain contact with you to make sure we are continuing to provide you with excellent service. Never hesitate to call our office. Let us know what you like about our service and how we can serve you better!